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Electronic Surveillance in Criminal Investigations

The use of sophisticated electronic surveillance has become commonplace in criminal prosecutions and investigations. Such surveillance can be found in a variety of cases, such as white collar fraud, drug trafficking, homicide cases, and everything in between.

Electronic surveillance can include:

  • Traditional wiretaps on a subject or target’s phone
  • Pen registries that record the source numbers of all calls and messages sent to a particular phone number
  • StingRay phone trackers that route all cell traffic through a device that acts like a cell tower
  • Analysis of cell tower data to track a person’s location
  • Computer IP address tracking
  • Address targeting
  • Forensic social media searches through databases, such as PRISM
  • And other less known or more advanced techniques

Electronic surveillance is a constantly and rapidly developing field. Given the prevalence of technology in our everyday lives, this should be the primary focus for an accused person’s defense. Sadly, due to a lack of understanding and relevant experience, this front is often overlooked and not investigated by defense attorneys, resulting in disastrous consequences for the client. At Hughes Law, however, we’ve acted as lead counsel on a defense team and are available to consult on cases involving electronic surveillance.

Unauthorized Electronic Surveillance

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Hughes Law maintains a knowledge base that includes all cutting-edge surveillance techniques used by state and federal law enforcement. As a result, the firm is particularly adept at spotting the use of undisclosed electronic surveillance that may have been obtained and used illegally and without court authorization.

The firm’s founder, Evan Hughes, remains familiar with the latest trends in electronic surveillance. Recently, he attended the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Conference in New York, discussing FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrants and surveillance.

If you feel electronic surveillance was too invasive or obtained in a deceiving manner, contact Evan Hughes. We may be able to ensure that any evidence collected via illegal methods is deemed inadmissible in court.

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