Philadelphia criminal attorney Lucas T. Nascimento has been practicing law since 2008, defending the rights of disadvantaged clients and minority populations, representing hard working families and individuals, and protecting the public interest in the fair and just administration of law and due process. Focusing on areas of federal law and specializing in criminal immigration law, Mr. Nascimento is proud to join the criminal defense lawyers at The Hughes Firm an Associate Attorney.

Mr. Nascimento is ready to handle any aspect of your criminal defense case, from factual investigation to plea bargaining and preparation for trial. He developed his lawyering and advocacy skills by handling the complex litigation of serious cases in Immigration Court, from detained matters and bond hearings to applications for relief from deportation and obtaining Lawful Permanent Residency for his clients.

Mr. Nascimento has filed motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence and obtained termination of deportation proceedings where there is adequate showing of government misconduct, wrongdoing, or prejudicial failure to follow the federal regulations that are designed to protect your fundamental rights and freedoms.

Mr. Nascimento understands the severe consequences that criminal law can have on one’s life, which includes their immigration status and right to remain the United States. He will work with you directly on your case from beginning to end in order to make sure none of your rights are diminished or violated.

Mr. Nascimento has worked with clients from all over the world, is a fluent speaker of Spanish and Portuguese, and will consult with you or your family members directly regarding any problem, issue, or question you have regarding your immigration status and your rights.

Mr. Nascimento is prepared to apply his years of experience consulting with and representing clients, and he will use his expertise to help resolve your criminal or immigration matter.

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