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Child Pornography Defense Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

Individuals in Pennsylvania and around the country who have been charged with the serious offense of possessing child pornography must obtain the services of an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer. Often, child pornography and online solicitation cases are complex in nature, and the sentences are severe as the majority of prosecutors choose not to enter plea negotiations. We are adept at handling these sensitive charges and understand that there are two sides to every story when it comes to these delicate and complex cases.

If you have been charged with online solicitation of a minor or possession of child pornography, contact our law firm immediately for a case evaluation. With years of experience, our highly-skilled criminal defense attorneys can provide you with sound advice regarding your legal options.

Serious Charges with Severe Consequences

Being charged with possession of child pornography is a serious matter, and a conviction can result in serious prison time and a lifetime of consequences. A charge of this kind can also have a negative impact on your employment prospects, your marriage, and your standing within the community. The consequences of being charged with child pornography often include:

  • Substantial prison time
  • Tarnished reputation
  • Lifetime registration as a sex offender
  • Significant fines

This is why it is imperative to secure the services of a qualified criminal defense lawyer with ample experience handling these delicate cases and the knowledge of how to conduct a proper investigation.

For example, if law enforcement found child pornography on your work computer, our diligent attorneys can demonstrate how your work computer may have been accessed by others, how images may have been automatically downloaded without your knowledge, or how it was tied to a larger server.

Conversely, if child pornography was found on your home computer, we can demonstrate how a malicious program may have been unknowingly downloaded or how others may have accessed it. Regardless of the situation, our experienced Philadelphia defense attorneys will utilize their vast resources and network of experts to inspect your hard drives and discover how this sensitive and illegal material made its way onto your computer.

Online solicitation and child pornography are serious charges that can threaten your quality of life for years to come. Through skilled litigation and thorough investigation, our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys has been able to convince the authorities to drop these types of charges before ruining our client’s reputations and livelihood. When cases have moved forward, our highly-skilled criminal defense lawyers have demonstrated the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to mount successful defenses against these damaging charges.

When facing possession or distribution of child pornography charges in Pennsylvania, it is critical to understand the definition of the offense. Pennsylvania courts define child pornography as: “Any person who intentionally views or knowingly possesses or controls any book, magazine, pamphlet, slide, photograph, film, videotape, computer depiction or other material depicting a child under the age of 18 years engaging in a prohibited sexual act or in the simulation of such act.”

Online Solicitation of a Minor

In Pennsylvania, online solicitation of a minor is defined as the encouragement of a minor to engage in a prohibited sexual act through the use of the Internet. Individuals charged with this offense are typically caught in an undercover sting operation in which they thought they were talking to a minor but were actually talking to an adult law enforcement officer. Sting operations such as these are quite common in counties throughout Pennsylvania.

While being accused of child pornography or online solicitation of a minor is embarrassing, there are options available for those charged with committing these damning offenses. Our experienced and talented criminal defense attorneys understand this technical and evolving area of law. Rather than take the accusations at face value, we will conduct our own thorough forensic investigation to reveal the facts of the case and construct the best possible defense.

Our criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience defending individuals charged with child pornography and online solicitation. We have successfully managed to convince authorities to drop the charges, reduce the charges, and when necessary, have successfully defended clients at trial. Our success rate speaks for itself, and we are often sought out by other firms for advice in handling these sensitive cases.

To schedule a confidential consultation or simply learn more about child pornography and online solicitation charges, contact our experienced defense team today.

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