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Philadelphia Homicide Defense

Our Philadelphia criminal defense firm consists of an elite group of talented, skilled, and experienced attorneys certified and 801-qualified by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to represent clients facing the death penalty. We take pride in our ability to successfully represent clients facing the most serious of offenses and that none of our clients have ever had to experience the hopelessness of death row. We have handled numerous homicide cases and provide each and every client with unparalleled knowledge and expertise in ballistic evidence, forensics, misidentification, and witness coercion.


When facing a homicide charge in Philadelphia or any other Pennsylvania municipality, it is critical that you select the best possible attorney for your case as soon as possible. Homicide cases in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania move much faster and are far more complex than any other type of criminal case. As such, important steps must be taken at the very beginning of your case to ensure the best possible outcome. Unlike inexperienced attorneys that often wilt under the aggressive tactics of homicide units and district attorneys’ offices, our experienced homicide attorneys have the skills and expertise to provide you with the aggressive defense you need to clear your name or avoid the death penalty.

Pennsylvania Murder Investigations

In order to prove guilt in a murder or manslaughter case, the burden of proof is placed on the prosecution to prove that an individual committed the crime and did so under a certain frame of mind. This may be no easy task for the prosecution, but a homicide or manslaughter charge also presents a unique set of complex challenges that demand the services of an experienced, skilled, and diligent Philadelphia criminal defense attorney. In the end, your life is on the line and you should never compromise your future or your freedom.

According to statistics, the majority of murder victims know their killers. Well aware of this fact, it is not uncommon for homicide investigators to originally focus their investigations on the spouses, friends, co-workers, significant others, family members, and neighbors of victims. Often, circumstantial evidence is enough to make a person a primary suspect in a murder investigation. Therefore, it is imperative that you retain experienced legal counsel as soon as you feel you are a murder suspect. A highly-skilled and experienced attorney can help ensure your rights remain protected, advise you of the options available, and provide you with the reassurance you need during this trying time.

Our respected Philadelphia criminal defense firm regularly consults with lab technicians, forensic experts, fingerprint specialists, and hair and fiber analysts to construct the best possible defense for our clients. We also work with accomplished private investigators to follow alternative leads, interview witnesses, and uncover any illegal tactics used by police investigators.

The Importance of Having an Experienced Homicide Defense Lawyer on Your Side

When you are charged with committing a homicide, it is critical that you understand your life is at stake. First degree murder in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is punishable by either the death penalty or life in prison. In death penalty cases, also known as “capital” cases, every case consists of both a trial phase and a penalty phase. During the penalty phase of a capital murder case, the prosecution submits evidence in an attempt to convince the jury that the death penalty should be imposed. Conversely, the defense presents evidence highlighting the defendant’s life and their moral character in order to avoid the death penalty. This process is known as “mitigation.” Although your case may never reach the penalty phase, it is critical that you begin building a mitigation defense from the outset, because it can take several months to collect records and prepare a mitigation defense.

We create a tailored defense for each client according to the specific circumstances and facts of the case, resulting in the best possible outcome time and time again. Our skilled, experienced, and relentless homicide defense attorneys specially tailor formidable defense teams consisting of attorneys, scientific experts, and investigators for each and every case. By taking this approach, we are able to simultaneously build the strongest defense and mitigation possible for each client. With an outstanding track record of success, this approach to homicide defense clearly works.

If you have been charged with a homicide or feel you may be a suspect in a murder investigation, contact our experienced homicide defense team today. We will answer each and every question you may have and provide you with an honest assessment of your case based upon our years of experience handling homicide cases.

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