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Fight Cocaine Charges with Your Philadelphia Criminal Defense Team

Many people consider drug possession a minor charge, but such a charge can result in jail time, fines, and a criminal record, making it quite a serious matter. Although being charged with cocaine possession does not make you a stereotypical criminal or a bad person, it can often feel that way as the charge carries a stigma that can be rather embarrassing for the accused. If you are facing cocaine possession charges, our experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys will be your advocate, fighting for your rights and freedom every step of the way.

A cocaine possession charge can land you behind bars for days, weeks, months, and in some cases, years. Being convicted of cocaine possession can also have a negative impact on your career and result in a permanent criminal record. As such, the dramatic and long-lasting impact of cocaine possession charges can be quite severe. Consulting with an experienced and skilled cocaine possession attorney can provide you with the insight you need to avoid the harsh consequences of a conviction.

Possession vs. Possession with Intent to Deliver

In Pennsylvania, the distinction between possession of cocaine and possession with intent to deliver largely comes down to the amount of cocaine seized by law enforcement. Possession of smaller amounts of cocaine typically leads to a possession charge with penalties that are much less severe. However, there are a number of other factors surrounding an arrest that may affect the charges.

Whether you believe you may be under investigation for cocaine possession or have already been charged, it is imperative that you contact a diligent criminal defense attorney and secure legal counsel as soon as possible in order to begin building a strong defense and protect your rights.

Years of Experience on Your Side

If you are facing cocaine possession charges, you can feel confident in our firm’s ability to provide you with comprehensive and aggressive criminal defense representation. The minute you select our team of diligent and highly-skilled Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys, we will begin putting our years of experience and expansive resources to work for you.

We have decades of experience defending clients charged with cocaine possession. From simple possession and delivery to manufacturing and possession with intent to distribute, we know Pennsylvania and federal drug laws inside and out.

The Aggressive Defense You Need

Our experienced investigators and litigators will look at the exact undercover techniques, set-ups, confidential informants, and buy-bust stings used to gather evidence and facilitate the arrest. We will also evaluate the legality of any search warrants used and the actions of law enforcement to ascertain if evidence was improperly obtained. Furthermore, we will look into the reputations of any witnesses involved and evaluate all of the circumstances leading to your arrest on cocaine possession charges.

Our esteemed Philadelphia criminal defense firm has a solid reputation and contacts with both the district attorney’s office and law enforcement. This allows us to negotiate reduced sentences, including work release arrangements and diversion programs, for clients facing cocaine possession and all manner of drug charges.

Our experienced and highly-skilled criminal defense attorneys enjoy an unparalleled ability to discover weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. This can include the mishandling of evidence, illegal police procedure, and lack of evidence. Not only do we aggressively defend cocaine possession cases head-on, but we also have unmatched success in negotiating reduced sentences that involve drug court or diversionary programs when it is in a client’s best interest to do so.

Our familiarity with law enforcement, the district attorney’s office, and magisterial and district judges can aid us in shaping your defense and determining the best approach to take. As your diligent legal advocates, we will continuously keep you updated on any plea offers, negotiations, and developments in your case.

Thanks to our years of experience successfully defending clients facing cocaine possession and other drug–related charges throughout Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia area, we have the knowledge to know when it is best to negotiate a plea deal or fight a charge. Although we will provide you with counsel and guide you every step of the way, as the defendant and our valued client, you will have the ultimate decision-making authority.

To receive the respected and trusted representation you need to successfully defend against cocaine possession charges, contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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