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The primary objective of Philadelphia law enforcement may be to protect and serve the public, but citizens often need protection from the police as well. It’s no secret that police misconduct has plagued the Philadelphia Police Department for years. From excessive violence and illegally obtaining search warrants to first-degree murder, police officers in Philadelphia and surrounding areas have committed a wide-range of crimes.

Police Brutality: A Real Problem

While it may not appear so at times, Pennsylvania police officers do not have a license to act above the law. Just like civilians, they can be prosecuted in a court of law and held accountable for their actions. In fact, it is necessary to maintain this accountability in order for Pennsylvania citizens to enjoy a fair and uncorrupted police force, rather than law enforcers abusing their power for greed under the guise of upholding the law.


There are thousands of complaints about the use of excessive force and other police brutality complaints filed against the Philadelphia Police Department and other police departments across Pennsylvania each and every year. In addition to the use of excessive force while in the line of duty, other common police brutality complaints include false arrest, racial profiling, illegal detention, and various other criminal acts and civil rights infringements.

According to published statistics released by the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office, there were 697 complaints filed against Philadelphia police officers in 2008. In 2009, the number of complaints reached 744, eclipsing the previous year by 47 complaints. Statistics provided since have shown the continuation of this alarming trend. Worst of all, these statistics only represent complaints filed against the Philadelphia Police Department. The total number of police brutality and similar complaints across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are understandably much higher.

Police brutality typically occurs in cases involving excessive force, illegal or improper arrests, and false imprisonment. If you have been the victim of excessive force or false arrest by a police officer, then they have violated both your federal and state Constitutional rights. Although many cases involving police brutality are filed under U.S. Code Title 42, Section 1983, there are many different types of claims that may be filed depending on the crime or violation committed.

That being said, the use of excessive force, false imprisonment, and unlawful arrest are the most common police brutality claims. Excessive force claims can be made when police officers and other law enforcement officials use more than the necessary amount of physical force when controlling a situation. Often, as was evidenced in the infamous Rodney King case, police officers beat a person unnecessarily or use a weapon in the process.

False arrest claims, on the other hand, arise when a person is arrested without probable cause that he or she is the responsible party or has committed a crime. Finally, claims regarding false imprisonment occur when police officers or other law enforcement agents wrongly place someone in jail or use unauthorized physical restraint.

If you feel you have been the victim of police brutality, do not hesitate to contact our experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys immediately as there may be a myriad of opportunities available to pursue.

Protecting Pennsylvania Citizens from Police Brutality

Our esteemed Philadelphia law firm has enjoyed decades of success defending police brutality victims in both civil and criminal court cases. Our Philadelphia police brutality attorneys understand that police must be held accountable when they use excessive force when performing their jobs. We take great pride in standing up for our clients rights and holding officers accountable for their transgressions. Our highly-skilled and experienced team of accomplished litigators has only one goal: to vigorously represent each client to attain the best possible result in every single case.

Since our firm prides itself on diligently defending the accused, our Philadelphia criminal lawyers know the best way to deal with law enforcement officers who use excessive force or violate the trust of the citizens they are paid to protect. Our experience has also shown us that sometimes the police that who have sworn to protect us abuse their authority, often causing traumatic emotional, psychological, and physical injuries. Our highly-skilled attorneys aggressively fight for police brutality victims and ensure they are fairly compensated for flagrant police misconduct.

If you have been the victim of police brutality, contact our experienced Philadelphia criminal lawyers today or call 215-454-6680 now.

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